A Guide to Growing Your Following on YouTube

There is no argument that YouTube is the single biggest video platform online. YouTube has over 1.9 billion logged in monthly users. If you were to put your marketing hat on, or if you are a marketer, ignoring the volume of YouTube use is insanity, you need to add it to your list of channels to target, and target well.

So if you have a YouTube channel, or are just starting one, you need to consider how to grow your following. From the correct setting up of your channel to growing your presence, this guide from Perpetual will help you develop your audience so to the point that significant numbers know every time you post new content.

Before you start

Merely having a channel and posting videos is pointless if you don’t first define your goals. You may want to become famous on YouTube, a viral sensation, or you may just want to develop a loyal following and extend the reach of your products and services via the easy-to-understand medium of video (a far more achievable goal).

Many businesses use YouTube for reputation management, an ongoing battle that is defined by the level of quality for the content around your brand. YouTube is great for this, and exposure, because videos rank astonishingly well in Google. They are also great for rich snippets, which is showing the video thumbnail, author, and length in the SERPs. They are substantial attention grabbers and one of the main things people look at when entering a search as they appear near the top.

So when first loading videos on YouTube ensure that you:

  • Give a detailed and enticing overview
  • Keep the content of the videos positive
  • Offer testimonials in a visual format
  • Introduce yourself and your team to add a touch of personalization

Important note: This may or may not be relevant to you and your business, but the demographics of YouTube users are heavily male orientated.

How to improve conversions

Video content is excellent for enhancing conversions because they are an easy way for your customer to see and understand the benefits of your product or service.

The stats say that customers are more likely to buy after watching a product video, especially if it is a how-to video. The reason why we use YouTube as the desired platform is it’s free, it ranks well in Google, and it and it has a large community.

YouTube’s native search and suggested videos are a great way to extend your reach; the video element handles the conversions.

Alternative traffic

Further to the above point, YouTube marketing for niche demographics is fantastic. The level of discovery via the platform is almost endless. The goal is to get your video as the next suggested watch after your competitor‘s product as this makes it easier for potential customers to discover you and run a comparison.

How do you to this?

  1. Just be on the platform
  2. Use relevant tags

Your first goal will need to be 10,000 overall views as this qualifies you to become a YouTube partner. When you have done this, you can add clickable links to your site via videos which also helps with your site traffic, leads and conversions.

Use a calendar

You may already be familiar with the idea of a social media calendar, well using a calendar for your video content works the same way.

When selecting the content you will focus on, consider this points:

  • Always begin with keyword research
  • Decide what question a customer may have then answer it
  • Allow time for production and promotion
  • Choose one major content asset for each month

Once you know your keyword, search it in Google and find the related terms to help choose the right tags for your content. Just remember to keep your goals in mind as this may require testimonials and product reviews that don’t often relate to your theme or keyword, but are just as necessary.

Quality video production

If there is one point we need to stress in all of this, it’s that you cannot skip out on the quality of your video production. Even if you have a modest budget, quality work can be easier and more affordable than you may think.

The bottom line is – poor quality is instantly, and people will switch off straight away.

If you, like most businesses, need to outsource video production, first get a rough idea of the kinds of videos you and approach freelancers or various companies, even YouTube bloggers in your niche. Alternatively, save yourself the time and contact us here at Perpetual, as we offer fantastic video services that are very cost-effective.

Video optimization

You will need to optimise your videos when uploading with enough content to be of use to the viewer including:

  • A detailed title and description (300–500 characters)
  • Relevant tags
  • The focus keyword
  • Product name and brand name
  • City, state, country (for local business)
  • Description of the video
  • An eye-catching thumbnail


There are video-specific metrics that will determine the next suggested or related videos in YouTube search results. These are best of how many people view the first half of your video; this number determines the video quality in the eyes of the platform.

An excellent way to engage the audience is with a clickable table of contents in the video description to draw in viewers. Another, more obvious way to improve engagement, is with social media. Promoting your videos on social media will bring it clicks, extra traffic and it is easily shareable via the various platforms.

We also strongly recommend that you embed the video to your site. This means that any time spent on your own site promotion with the video embedded on it gets you plays as well as site visits — the double whammy.


Youtube is also a great tool if you’re looking to retarget to your audience. Learn more about retargeting here.

Let Perpetual help with video creation and marketing

Perpetual act as your creative partner. Whether you need video for digital media, an animated explainer, documentary or for training and other corporate needs, we have you covered.
We help with strategic planning and creative thinking all the way from story and development through to production. Perpetual works with small to large businesses with our team, based in our Middle Eastern headquarters in the Kingdom of Bahrain covering all areas throughout the Gulf region. Contact us today and let’s get started on making your videos seen by the world.

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