The Task:

Beauty truly is skin deep, and in today’s world – that is so conscious of its environment – it is important that we invest in ourselves in a manner that will not have adverse effects on the environment. From vegan beauty products to recycled packing, health and beauty sectors are now making the extra effort to preserve the environment while ensuring you too look your very best.

Keeping that in mind, we worked around developing a brand that at the core focused on these elements as well as highlighting the importance of simple self care using organic and naturally sourced products.

Emulating the simplicity and richness of the products, we derived a persona for it which was communicated through its communications and visuals. We then emulated this new persona through their ecommerce website and social media communications.

The Method:

Having met with the clients and discussing with them in detail about their vision behind setting up the brand, testing the products and conducting an in-depth workshop, we were able to get a firm understanding of what Asari hopes to achieve and represent in the beauty and self-care industry and used our expertise as a brand design agency to create a strategy accordingly, which positioned Asari as a brand that approaches the market with a holistic approach on beauty and wellbeing.

Developing further on Asari’s modern aesthetic with its deep rooted beginnings in the Gulf, its name and logo was created using both English letters and the Arabic number 8 with a glyph on top (glyphs or Diacritics are commonly used in the Arabic language to indicate pronunciation and stresses in each word), preserving its Arab identity while also appealing to an international audience.

The tone of voice was kept communicative, inviting and friendly with an “unfiltered” and natural photography style, which was further cemented by its brand colour of a rust orange and cream. The colour psychology indicated orange is associated with warmth, joy, creativity, and health. The use of UGC was the creative direction chosen as we wanted to represent it as a brand that is for all, the everyday people.

The packing as well was kept simple to reflect the brand’s promise of being “pure & organic” while providing the highest quality products.

The Results:

We launched a brand that represents purity, wellbeing, and beauty all neatly packaged in a sleek design. Asari beauty effectively communicates with its customers its use of organic products that are beneficial for the skin, hair, and body all the while placing great emphasis on being unfiltered and natural. This is evident through their website, social media, and even package design.

Aiming to become the main source for all their customers’ beauty needs, Asari Beauty’s foundation has been set as one of the most coveted beauty product in various hotels and salons around the GCC for a healthy, natural and beautiful glow.

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