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The Top Middle Eastern Social Media Influencers Right Now

One marketing channel that is proving to be more and more effective is the use of social media influencers in the Middle East. These are people who have amassed large followings for whatever reason, who engage their content and are willing to trust the products they endorse. This can be anyone from an actor, makeup artist or models, it doesn't really matter, just as long as the follower count is high, and more importantly, real. In 2017, there were overRead more

The Best Ways to Market on Snapchat in the Middle East

Snapchat is not a domain that many businesses consider as a marketing tool, and fair enough, it seems more like a game or the place to use a filter to finally find out how you would look as a rabbit. In the Middle East, however, Snapchat is one of the most popular social media trends. There are roughly 33 million Snapchat users in the Middle East, and that is a lot of people you could be marketing to. People inRead more

How to Use Social Media to Increase Your Website Traffic

It's one thing to say that social media can help you take people from your posted content to your website and then flow them through a sales funnel, but how do you actually do it and increase your website traffic? Luckily, Perpetual are here to help and we'll be exploring this in greater detail in this blog. The good news is, most of the work can be automated to ensure that your online funnel runs like a well-oiled machine. SocialRead more

A Guide to Growing Your Following on YouTube

There is no argument that YouTube is the single biggest video platform online. YouTube has over 1.9 billion logged in monthly users. If you were to put your marketing hat on, or if you are a marketer, ignoring the volume of YouTube use is insanity, you need to add it to your list of channels to target, and target well. So if you have a YouTube channel, or are just starting one, you need to consider how to grow yourRead more

A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Automation in the Middle East

Marketing automation is something that many business owners know they need but shy away from due to its complexity. This is understandable, but here in the Middle East, the competition is thick and getting more so by the day. Marketing automation can be the turning point to help your company grow its sales while ensuring your marketing team reaches its goals. As marketing experts in the Middle East, Perpetual would like to help you understand more about marketing automation withRead more

SEO Predictions in the Middle East for 2019

SEO is a weird beast, continually changing and evolving and one of the most essential elements of your online marketing strategy. SEO in the Middle East is particularly pertinent as the market is continuously intensifying, and businesses are looking for new ways to poke their head above the massive pack. While relatively young in terms of world markets, the Middle Eastern e-commerce market is projected to be worth $49 billion by 2021. So let's consider some of the SEO predictionsRead more

What is the difference between SEO, SEM and SMM?

    Digital marketing is one of those industries that are overpopulated with acronyms, making it very confusing for anyone unfamiliar or new to digital media. You have PPC, CPC, CPM, CRM, CPA, CTA, KPI, DMO, WOM, and many many more.  Most of these acronyms tend to fall under one of three overarching categories, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). SEO, SMM and SEM are important tools that anyone serious in developing aRead more

What is Retargeting on Google and Facebook?

  If you have ever wondered about all of the people that swing by your website but don’t follow through with a purchase, retargeting will be of great interest to you. Retargeting means that your advertisement will be seen by anyone who has previously visited your website. So, if they didn’t follow through on the purchase, you have another shot at their attention with proven results. Retargeting also works for people who did buy something! It’s an easier sell asRead more