^Perpetual Group collaborates with Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture ahead of the launch of Riyadh International Book Fair 2021

^Perpetual Group worked alongside Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture ahead of their much-anticipated annual event, the Riyadh International Book Fair, to develop an interactive website for visitors, authors, and exhibitors to participate in this prestigious event which saw visitors and

What brand identity distinguishes you from your competitors? Advice from the ^Perpetual experts

When we cross the road on foot or even by car, we see several () belonging to many shops from different industries such as libraries, restaurants, tailors, groceries, etc but why do only a few remain in our minds This is definitely due to the brand identity and its types! In this article, we

3 successful and unconventional Ecommerce Ideas – Exclusive Ideas from the ^Perpetual Team

The many changes that have occurred in the markets indicate an imminent end to the popularity of traditional stores and the revival of electronic stores! The latest statistics published on ecommerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shows that ecommerce revenues are expected to reach more than 8

^Perpetual Group signs an agreement with Tamkeen Technologies

^Perpetual Group signed a cooperation and alliance agreement with Tamkeen Technologies, aiming to advance the digital transformation services provided to the company's clients The signing of this agreement comes within the framework of the joint vision between ^Perpetual Group and Tamkeen to

Through innovation, creativity and with an “out of the box” idea; ^Perpetual announces signing a contract with the Al-Kholi Group

^Perpetual announced its pride in signing a contract to redesign the brand identity of the Al-Kholi Group and develop a distinctive strategy for its identity and enhance its internal and external communications for the following companies: Saudi Building Technic Maintenance Co Ltd & Saudi

Perpetual launches the new Lifestyle Marketing Content service, the first of its kind in the Middle East.

After the tremendous success achieved by the experimental launch of the Lifestyle Marketing Content service that took place in ^Perpetual, the company announced the official launch of the service to provide corporate clients wishing to enrich their social media platforms with this type of

“Happiness allowance” Perpetual creates a financial allowance for its employees

In a first-of-its-kind precedent, the ^Perpetual company announced the addition of a new allowance for its employees, which will be called "happiness allowance", which expresses the company's desire to make all its employees happy and spend enjoyable, comfortable, and happy times around the

By the end of 2020, Perpetual achieved a growth rate of 78% and an increase in the number of employees by 100%

Mr Ahmed Al-Massari, Executive Director of the ^Perpetual Holding Company, stated that at the end of the last quarter of 2020, the ^Perpetual Group achieved a growth rate of 78%, achieving a record, especially during the current crisis that the world is going through We were able to move forward to

Perpetual Strategic Group strives to reach its billion-dollar goal

Perpetual Strategic Services announced this month that it has reached a growth of 44% during 2020, and procedures for the transformation into a holding company will soon be completed, in line with its strategy to invest in human wealth and attract unique national and international work force This