The Task:

Pure, healthy, easy honey! A golden drop of flavour used in a variety of ways from adding a sweet taste to your cuisine, to beauty and even medicinal, honey is one of the most versatile ingredients of nature. Stemming from a passion for a holistic approach to health, organic products, and finding a practical way to consume as much product with minimal waste, Mr. Asall was born.

Turning stories and dreams into creatively delivered realities, we were able to take this inspirational story of wanting to create a brand that not only allows for easy and waste-free use of honey, but also encourages its use in daily life in a hassle free way, and turn it into a brand that represents a delicious combination of flavor and wellbeing.

Focusing on their key product of easy-to-use honey sticks, Mr. Asall has become a popular household name with its bold and easily identifiable packaging, that is a true representation of the simple yet wholesome brand that is Mr. Asall.

The Method:

Before diving into the creative for Mr. Asall, as best practice within any brand design agency, we had to understand what is it that makes honey such a unique and versatile raw ingredient. From understanding the distinct properties of honey, to its very specific process of how it is made by bees and stored in the beehive (in the hexagonal honey comb form), to the meticulous process of how it is extracted – we took it upon ourselves to get a deep understanding of why honey is considered such a precious ingredient for many.

Following our internal research, we met with the client and spoke to them in great detail about how they felt about honey, the brand, and what they hoped to achieve from launching their product. We conducted a branding workshop with them to achieve their vision, mission, values, and brand positioning to help us create a trajectory for them from brand creation (which included custom logo designs, packaging design, creative concepts, etc) to product launch. From the workshop we were able to derive a brand strategy for Mr. Asall. We combined the brand strategy, with our research to work towards the creatives that would represent the core philosophy of Mr. Asall – delivering a product that focuses on efficiency and health.

The logo in itself represents multiple ideas such as that of the honey sticks, a beehive, the shape of a bee, and the complex design of the honey comb in the colour yellow, which represents the honey. We also created the packaging and the remainder of the branded items with the two primary colours and the logo as the 5th element. The packaging was also suggested as a cardboard tube to represent sustainability and the easy means to access and use the product.

The Result:

The end result was the birth of a holistic brand that places focus on the importance of using natural ingredients for a more healthier approach to life.

From the simple name (“Asal” meaning honey in Arabic) to the product design – a tube in which individual honey sticks are placed is an easy to use design that results in minimum waste of product and keeps the freshness of the other sticks with the replaceable cap – the brand has quick become a customer favorite in the Saudi market as the preferred choice of honey.

Mr. Asall’s website page was also set up emulating the brand identity and ethos. The e-commerce website design allows users to explore the website and get a full understanding of what Mr. Asall is about before they male their purchase.

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