YALOX – Photography Session

The Task

It is the small personalized touches we add that speaks volumes about our personality. From our favorite accessory to our favourite shoes, self-expression doesnt have to be some overt gesture, its usually the subtle hints that make a bold statement!

At Perpetual, we’re all about self-expression and advocates of individuality and want to give the creatives, the visionaries, the go-getters who wouldnt settle for less when choosing the right phone case to express themselves. With that, we created a tech accessories brand that serves as a platform for individuals who dont mind taking a step that sets them apart.

Launching various collections and accessories with many cases becoming best sellers immediately, the quirky, fun, and bold cases soon became a must-have fashion staple and we put together a unique brand that has catapulted on to the society’s fashion accessory scene becoming a brag-worthy item to have. Our mission was to highlight a segment of accessory that has been very quietly used to make a statement and create a niche brand that proudly celebrates self-expression through tech-related products.

The Method:

Initially, we liaised with the clients to get an understanding of the multiple facets of the brand what they wish to achieve. Their target audiences, creative process to produce their truly unique designs were determined, and the passion behind YALOX and its future vision was understood.

We held workshops in which we were able to dive in deeper to understand the driving factors being YALOX’s existence. We were able to form a comprehensive brand strategy which consisted of the main ingredients of any brand: mission, vision, brand position, future vision, and values and that strategy served as the foundation upon which the brand was built (from creative, to tone of voice, and communication style)/

Our research prior to creating the strategy also involved looking at competitors in the market to understand where we can position ourselves within the industry but still carve a niche for ourselves, and thus the personality of YALOX was born.

The Results:

A brand that represents more than just protective phone cases and tech accessories, but rather a brand full of personality and spark!

From enviable phone covers splashed across Instagram from various customers who would show-off their unique and bespoke accessories, to making a statement about oneself through these accessories, YALOX has become a platform of expression for its customers within the GCC region. An energetic brand showing vibrancy through its custom logo design, vibrant visuals, and effective communication, YALOX is a commonly spoken word amongst the very outspoken, creative, and opinionated youth of today.

As a leading website design company, we were also able to replicate the personality of YALOX onto their website which has allowed easy purchase of phone covers and accessories delivered in a uniquely designed package – making it evident that we focus on the details.

portfolio image
portfolio image